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  Data Capturing Tools

Data capturing utilities are often required when physical documents have to be manually captured to electronic format. This process usually takes lots of time and resources. It is therefore important that information gets captured accurately and completely the first time.

The primary objectives of any capturing tool should be to ensure that only valid records are captured accurately, and that records are captured only once. Our data capturing tools achieve these objectives as follow:
  • Intuitive capturing screen layouts
  • Proper input validation controls
  • Real time monitoring of capturers' progress
  • Daily progress reports
  • Detailed subsequent reporting on captured data

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools collect data from a variety of sources and combine and present the data in a format and manner that aids with business decision making. Our reporting tools have the following charactaristics:
  • Demand-driven solutions
  • Various report formats (Excel, PDF, CSV)
  • Export data for further analysis
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